EDL Convertor

Adobe premier generated EDL's are quite frustrating to use since it doesn't refer to file names and rather uses the custom tags you give each clip.

Phil Holden, my colleague @ kraya is a bit of a genius with coding so he has written up a script that does the conversion. 

Box 1) Populated with file names of your RAW files. (On a mac you can select all the files and copy then paste to a spreadsheet, not sure how you can do this on windows)

Box 2) Copy of your EDL


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Tea with Honey


"Tom knows her name, where she lives and that she loves only two things, coffee and chocolates.


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'Home' - Thank You

I want to thank everyone who made Home possible:

Jayan Kumar, Shri Shrikumar, Edyta Kania, Rehan Yousuf, Seona Robinson, Benjy Wertheimer, Shu Moon, Babis Fotaras, Payal Debroy, Stephen Ramsay, Robert Gordon, Richard Annand, Everyone at Kraya, Bob Flynn, Dance Ihayami, David Lumsden, Matt Brown, Mitchell Manson


BAFTA New Talent Nomination

Satyajith Ray Foundations Short Film Award Nomination

Rushes Soho Shorts Tenderflix Exhibition

London Short Film Festival


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'Home' - As it Happened

The pre production for the shoot went well and we prepped to shoot the film on the 16th. Seona Robinson did an amazing job with the Art Direction.  Rehan Yousuf came in at the last minute to help me with the production and it was all looking rather good: we had the kit, the props, the crew, the food but on the 16th, it ended up being an absolute disaster.


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'Home' – The Actor and Tests

Its that time again folks. Here is a little update on whats been happening the last few weeks: The script is ready enough to get filmed, the shot list complete and storyboards almost there.  This film is an experiment and its play time.

Below is the picture of Jay Kumar who will be playing the character.

Some test shots from the last update.


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'Home' - The Beginning

Well its that time again.  After two years I've finally had some time over the last month to start working on some of my personal projects.  I've completed two music video treatments that I've had some positive feedback but they are both a little on the 'epic' scale, so to warm myself up I've written a three page script called 'Fib' which I'll be completing in July.

Here is a little teaser:


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RED ONE - Workshop (Edinburgh)

The workshop will cover:


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Identity : Production Diary (Final Part)


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Identity : Part Three

This entry is a couple of weeks overdue, so apologies.


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Identity : Part Two


Boys and girls, ladies and gents, we are now in week two and as promised here is the diary update.

Dear Diary,

360° track and dolly system don't come cheap, so we are looking into building one ourselves and the initial deduction is that its not going to be easy.  We understand that there is a reason why its not cheap, but you gotta give it a try!


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