Seeing Differently




Krish studied Film & TV at the Edinburgh College of Art and since leaving in 2005 has continued to explore the secrets of great filmmaking. He’s come to believe that a practical understanding of every technical aspect of the process is essential. It helps him get the most out of his collaborators and crew, and makes the best use of his natural drive and enthusiasm.

Pursuing the most advanced technologies available to digital cinematographers, Krish’s growing mastery of the craft is allowing him to immerse himself more and more in the very thing that brought him to film in the first place: the art of storytelling.

He has a rare ability to balance technical diligence with raw energy, imagination with practical ability. It’s earned him not only the support of commercial clients but also several award nominations including those from BAFTA in Scotland, the Satyajit Ray Foundation and Tenderflix.



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Krish Shrikumar