Seeing Differently (2011)

    Directed, Produced and Written by Krish Shrikumar
    Shows as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2011

    A thoughtful collaboration of dance and film. The story of the transformation of dance from its roots to the modern stage through the eyes of an Indian dancer.

    "Moving On (Seeing Differently) also includes short film by Krish Shrikumar and finally here is a company that is able to mix media both sensitively and successfully..."

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    "Director Krish Shrikumar's film Seeing Differently gives an insight into the mind of an Indian dancer in training. Dance in the film is reflected or amplified by the dance on stage which makes for a show that is intelligent as well as visually appealing."
    by Daph Karoulla @ The Skinny

  • HOME

    Home (2010)

    Directed, produced and written by Krish Shrikumar
    Nominated for the BAFTA in Scotland New Talent award
    Shortlisted for the Satyajit Ray Foundation Short Film Award in conjunction with the London Indian Film Festival
    Shortlisted for the Tenderflix Short Film award in conjunction with the Rushes Soho Shorts Film Festival
    London Short Film Festival

    An unnamed man (Jay Kumar) finds that his memories of home are becoming increasingly vivid as time passes. This abstract film of insinuation and intimation - a short meditation on what we call 'home' and what others mean by the word - tells the story of his journey back there.

    Seona Robinson did an amazing job with the Art Direction, and Rehan Yousuf came in at the last minute to help with production. We shot on two locations, by day on the shores of a lake and by night in the city. Simple enough, or so we thought: we had the kit, the props, the crew, and the food. We knew what we wanted to do, where we wanted to do it, and how. We hadn't reckoned on the capriciousness of the weather that day, though, nor on the fact that still waters don't always run deep.     Production Diaries

  • BOAT

    Boat (Blue Iris Films, 2011)

    Produced by Katie Crook
    Directed and written by David Lumsden
    Director of photography: Krish Shrikumar

    The world is covered with water. Charlie (Owen Gorman) and his son (Jake Wilson) are aboard their small dinghy, sailing above the drowned streets of Edinburgh, searching for a home they may never find. Plagued by memories, nightmares and hallucinations, we begin to wonder what it is that Charlie's looking for - and whether he'll ever find it.

    Boat is a short CGI-meets-live-action film about a very personal apocalypse in the vein of The Road. It's a complex story that needed to be told simply, so I knew that it would also have to be visually extraordinary. I worked closely with David from the outset to make sure I understood his vision in this respect, working through the script and storyboard to break down the scenes and produce a photography plan for each. For me, the greatest satisfaction came from creating images from scratch that had, until then, existed only in the director's mind.



    Viral : Cinematographer

    Documentary : Writer, Director

    Documentary: Writer, Director

    Short Film : Assistant Director
  • BBC Festival Fringe 2010

    Red Button : Colour Grade, Camera Op.


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